Playoff Picture

The 2017 regular season is wrapping up this week, with every team playing on Sunday. There are teams who use this week to rest their starters and prepare for the postseason. There are teams that use week 17 to asses their future options, and give their young guys play time. Lastly, there are teams that need to win this week, and or have help from others to push themselves into this years playoff picture.

Teams on the Verge

Atlanta Falcons – Need to win (vs CAR) OR a Seattle loss (vs ARI)

Seattle Seahawks – Need to win (vs ARI) AND a Atlanta loss (vs CAR)

Baltimore Ravens – Need to win (vs CIN) OR a Buffalo/Tennessee loss

Tennessee Titans – Need to win (vs JAX) OR a Buffalo/LAC loss

LA Chargers – Need to win (vs OAK) OR a Buffalo/Tennessee loss

Buffalo Bills – Need to win (vs MIA) AND a Ravens loss (vs CIN)

Teams who are In

Philadelphia Eagles – Clinched home field advantage through the playoffs (NFC)

New England Patriots – Clinched AFC East + 1st round bye, home field if they win (vs NYJ)

Pittsburgh Steelers – Clinched AFC North + 1st round bye

Jacksonville Jaguars – Clinched AFC South

Kansas City Chiefs – Clinched AFC West

Minnesota Vikings – Clinched NFC North + 1st round bye IF they win (vs CHI) or CAR loss  LA Rams – Clinched NFC West

New Orleans Saints – Clinched playoff berth, NFC south if win (vs TB) OR CAR loss

Carolina Panthers – Clinched playoff berth, NFC south if win (vs ATL) AND NO loss

Teams that are out


Miami, Cincinnati, Oakland, Denver, New York Jets, Houston, Indianapolis, Cleveland.


Detroit, Dallas, Green Bay, Washington, Arizona, San Francisco, Chicago, Tampa Bay, New York Giants.

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