Divisional Preview

Atlanta at Philadelphia – This game would be a lot more interesting if Wentz was healthy, but he’s not playing and that’s why Atlanta is favored in this one. I see Atlanta taking this, but the Philly defense won’t let them get it easily. I expect Atlanta winning by a touchdown, 24-17.

Tennessee at New England – This one will most likely get ugly very quick. Brady and the Pats are coming off a bye week, as the Titans are coming off of a tough 18 point comeback over the Chiefs. As well, the Pats are just simply a much better team, I expect them to win by a few scores as they put the Titans away 32-10.

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh – This game is all about revenge for Big Ben, as the Jags got the best of him last time around with 5 INTs. Pittsburgh has the advantage in this one as they’re coming off the bye week and they also have home field advantage. However, never count out Jacksonville due to their elite defense, if they can create some turnovers that turn into points, they have a very good shot at winning this game. I’m expecting it to be really close but the Steelers take it off a late TD, 19-17.

New Orleans at Minnesota – This game is a re-match of the week one match-up that saw AP make his return to Minnesota. Now 5 months later, the Saints run game is dominated by Ingram/Kamara, and the team as a whole looks very different. This game is also going to be close and it’ll come down to the play of Brees/Keenum. The Vikings have a terrific D-line that will do a good job in stabilizing the saints two headed monster, so Drew Brees is going to have to put them on his back like he’s done before. For the Vikings, Keenum is going to have to get the ball into the hands of Diggs and Thielen as fast as possible and let them do the rest. This one can go either way, but I see the Saints taking it 31-30.

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